Kite flying

And away!
       High in the sky
the kite
       resides, lofty against
the sweet blues
   and whites
of the luminescent sky 
       and I rest
string in my hand
        peace in my heart
   and at ease
The wind blowing through
The string in 

Love Poem*

I love

When I am hungry
as a lion
c h a s i n g  my  p 
                           tomato sauce,
                           sometimes pineapple,
w e i r d.
    I know
e v e r y o n e  likes 
pizza but
it is
the icing on the cake.
the cherry on t o p.
it makes
            e v e n  m o r e  p e r f e c t.
          d o u g h. 
so g
in my
m  o  u  t  h   such great
tasting the
with every ounce
b    e    i    n    g
                   and so
L    u    s    t 
for the a
        once  a g a i n.
   p  i  z  z  a 
                   is beautiful and
a   m   a   z   i   n   g
                   I am in love with
p      i      z      z      a

*What can I say? I love pizza

Annoying…But Awesome

“GET OFF THE COUCH!!!” My irate father screamed at the dog, and yet, as if he was deaf, he just kept sitting on that worn out old couch that he had come to love so much. Frustrated, my dad stopped shouting, and leaves the room. Our dog is a very interesting character. Particularly food motivated, whenever we eat a meal, you can always look to the left of our table and sure as the sun in the morning, he will always be there, coaxing, with his eyes, for just one more piece of pizza, chicken, or some other tasty morsel he knows he has no chance of getting. Eventually, he would just give up, plod into the kitchen and munch at his bacon flavored kibble, probably wishing it was something else. Another thing he does is spend hours at at a time staring out of the window, ever alert, barking at literally anything that moves, from birds, to cars, to the dogs across the street. And when the deer come out, oh you don’t want to be near the dog then because he will bark so excruciatingly loud that you’d be lucky to still have posession of your ears when he is through. But we still love him, even though he does all of this and more. Yes, more!

Punishment? or Satisfaction

I lost the ax. What I mean by that is, I used to go to an outdoor wilderness program and I took the ax with me, and I must have left it there, because when Dad went to the garage to get it, it wasn’t there. So he bought a new one, and I have to pay for it. Through manual labor. So on a day when I could have been reading, biking, or anything else, I was forced to saw down bushes in order to make a patio. It was tough going, sawing down bush after bush. Backbreaking labor, on my hands and knees in the hot sun. I took multiple breaks for water, and when I was done drinking, I didn’t want to go back to work, but I persevered. I knew it had to get done, and there was no way out of it. So I just kept at it, using that saw until my hands felt like they could take no more. And when I was done, nothing could compare to the satisfaction I felt then, knowing what a hard job I’d done, and how good I’d done on it! I wiped my brow, went inside, and sat down with a cool glass of water, a smile on my face, and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

Escaping Into Music

Another day, another dollar. I walk to the computer, the drudgery of math weighing hard on my chest. I plop down at the table, and face a set of fractions to solve. Ugh, I really don’t want to do this! I pick up my pencil, and start working. Then I stop. I am so sick of math, I think. So I do exactly what I do when I’m in a really bad mood. I pick up my phone, put in my ear buds, and listen to the best music there is! Instantly I am in a better space. With renewed motivation, I return to my work, Final Countdown by Europe in my ears at a blistering volume. With the help of music, I breeze through my math and finish much faster than I would have, had I not decided to leave my bad mood and enjoy my music!


I close the computer, put down my pen, put away the paper. Deciding I need a break from schoolwork, I get ready for a good long bike ride. I stick my hand outside to see how cold it is, and it ends up being about forty degrees, which is a bit nippy when the day before had been a luxurious sixty five. I walk to the closet, and pick up coat after coat, but ah, coats, coats, everywhere, and nary a one that fits. Where is my coat? My coat, I then recall, I had left accidentally at my friends house, before all of this. I then look for gloves, and the same thing happens! Nothing fits me at all. I decide to just go, so before I know it I am on my bike, cruising down our hill, the wind bitter cold on my bare hands. I tell myself, keep going! You’ll be fine after a few minutes. But, in a few minutes, I am still cold, if not colder than before. Frustrated with myself, I turn back. In five minutes I am back in my warm living room, sitting on the couch writing this now. I tell my father, “pour the hot chocolate…”

Hungry Bill

(Written in the style of Shel Silverstein)

Did you ever hear of hungry Bill?
He could never get his fill.
All he did was eat and eat,
Candy, bread, peppers and meat,
oranges, apples, and egg yolks,
then one day he left his house and folks.
He went to all the grocery stores, 
eating everything. More! More!
They say he went on a rampage, 
eating the ground as he went, in a fit of rage,
for after all! He was hungry Bill,
and he had not gotten his fill.
They tried to arrest him, no luck they had,
for he had eaten Police Chief Chad!
Wanted signs, erected in all-you-can-eat buffets, 
Starbucks no longer served cinnamon frappes.
Hungry Bill was a danger day and night, 
just gobblin' up everything in sight. 
They one day Bill made his way to the railroad tracks,
munchin' on some barley sacks.
Bill is not hungry anymore.

I Miss My Friends

Once upon a time, my younger brother participated in a youth soccer program, which was held at a park near our house. I would ride to his games on my bike, and hang out with a group of kids whose younger siblings were also playing soccer. I remember it was an interesting group, probably about 5 or 6 of us. We would hang out, talk about various subjects, which could be anything from sports to video games. I knew one of the kids, Shane, from my little league baseball team. He was quite better than me, because I am not very good at baseball! There was another guy, whose name I cannot quite recall, and he always wore the same shirt, and it got pretty disgusting after awhile. He wore glasses and considered himself to be quite a nerd. “What kind of nerd?” one of us would often ask, to which he would reply, “a nerdy nerd.” There were two girls named Cindy and Felicia, who absolutely hated each other, but yet they continued to hang out together with us. I asked Cindy once why they despised each other so much, and she said it was all because Felicia was angry that in sixth grade she liked a guy, and he liked Cindy, so Cindy started dating him. “It all seems so stupid now.” Cindy remarked, staring at Felicia, who at that moment rode up on her bike. “What ya’ll talking about?” Felicia asked. “None of your beeswax,” Shot back Cindy. And then they started arguing again. It got really annoying after a while, to be honest. There was another guy there, who’s name was Jimmy. I remember he was super good at soccer. His twin brother, Gale, hung out with us too, but never really said anything. All of us would hang out for the duration of the soccer game, and then go home.

And then my brother quit soccer, and I never saw any of them again! I mean, I do have other friends, but still. I miss those kids sometimes. Like, where are they now? And so I’m thinking about this today, and feeling sad that I cannot see any of my friends at all. Honestly right now, I would rather be listening to Cindy and Felicia fight about something stupid, than just being stuck at home with no one! I hope all if this is over soon, and when it is, I will be very happy to reunite with my real friends!

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